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2018 02 02 2018
trail fresh

we print the truth we print the truth
book jan 30

baking intro baking intro
baking jan 29

autopaint :: natural media vector paint vector paint
concrete jan 29

corrupt entropy corrupt entropy
blog jan 28

cake cake
baking jan 28

kettering social security kettering social
blog jan 28

less faceboot less faceboot
blog jan 27

autopaint :: natural media natural media
concrete jan 27

oh, ffs oh, ffs
blog jan 22

what remains of edith finch edith finch
games jan 22

the road to gehenna road to gehenna
games jan 20

something appropriate to break up the text L
photo jan 14

the talos principle the talos principle
games jan 14

paint synthesiser classic :: autopaint autopaint synth
concrete jan 12

meltdown meltdown
blog jan 7

homesick homesick
games jan 3

yorkshire pudding yorkshire pudding
baking jan 2

concrete cast concrete cast
concrete jan 1

preset feast preset feast
concrete jan 1

et et
blog jan 1

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