04 2018

some tormented text from a calligraphic bosch concrete feast
blog apr 30
An early morning shot, into the sun, showing the building site that is to be the new National Stadium. stadium
blog apr 24
an old luggage trolley that’s been left in place so long weeds grow under it fond–de–gras
photo apr 22
oils :: glob 4 free oils
concrete apr 22
a beautiful flower! flower cast
blog apr 21
escher blummen escher blummen
photo apr 21
natural media extended :: creamy tweed creamy tweed
concrete apr 20
a natural abstract progress
blog apr 19
escher blummen escher blummen
photo apr 15
assisted painting :: dry brush wide dry brush wide
concrete apr 15
assisted painting :: dry brush scratchy dry brush
concrete apr 14
close up of a group of small flowers, with a few petals in focus tidying up
blog apr 12
westminster, moldy, under a glaring and entirely fake sun nationality
blog apr 10
blurry treetrunks woods
blog apr 8
klengen escher wiseblummen wiseblummen
photo apr 8
a concrete circle playback
review apr 7
assisted painting :: styles styles
concrete apr 7
réimecher blummen parc
photo apr 7
assisted painting :: spiros spiros
concrete apr 7
a tap, floating in the air, watering a small shrub, whilst a bloke gardens. new paris
blog apr 7
indieweb.org indieweb
blog apr 6
assisted painting :: hatch with colour shadow fill hatch
concrete apr 4
assisted painting :: swirly region fill shape
concrete apr 1
escher bloemen vun gaalgebierg escher blummen
photo apr 1