konscht am gronn

The first konscht am gronn of 2017 didn’t go so well for me, nor for some other exhibitors. I lost money on the day. This isn’t so unusual; I judge my success on whether I cover my costs over the full season, and what contacts I make there. Every year so far, I’ve lost money on some days but balanced costs overall.


On the other hand, it was successful in terms of contacts (think possible new reading), and it wasn’t a total loss because poetry sales covered my transport costs. All the same, I want to explore a little more what went wrong and what worked.

This Konscht am Gronn was the first time I’d used a gazebo. It’s new, bought a couple of months ago. I had to buy ‘walls’ separately: they’re imperfect and need significant adjustment. That will be sorted before the next time.

My layout inside the Gazebo was faulty. I had a U, with tables of display on either side with me sitting at the base of the U. People are far more likely to browse if they don’t sense watching eyes. A sense of being stared at makes browsers self–conscious, putting them off. The solution used by a number of exhibitors, which I’ll have to copy, is to lay their display out like an L. They put taller items towards the rear of the gazebo, leaving a small space behind where one can hide. Having said that, I did have a couple of interesting conversations with passers–by, and one idiot who wanted to buy a postcard.

I was unable to hang photos from the gazebo’s walls. Some exhibitors had interesting solutions to the problem, which I’ll have to adopt and adapt.

I need a large photo, larger than A3, maybe A0, to draw the eye. My local print shop can supply them.

Most exhibitors exhibit one original style. I have a number of styles. Perhaps my display should concentrate on one style, with others maybe relegated to secondary support roles.

The weather didn’t help: first rain, then drizzle, and grey all day. At least the gazebo allows me to continue to exhibit.

This Konscht am Gronn was food for thought more than anything else.