image: revisited ....

I’ve revisited my old film photos again. When I first did so a couple of years ago, I presented the images I wanted to see when I took them. I soon reinterpreted, since the best turned out to be those damaged by mold, subsequently published in the smoke.

This time, I’ve reinterpreted the photos with my contemporary eyes. In particular, I’ve returned to old ‘experimentals’, and looked again at failed images. I didn’t have a chance to work with them when I first took them: I remember being extremely frustrated that commercial printers refused to print the things, oſten despite my instructions (it was a major reason why I moved to slides). Now, finally, I can work with my experiments of thirty years ago.

But I’ve long forgotten many of the ideas behind the experiments: I’m no longer the person who took the images. So I’m presenting them damaged with the fluff of time—literally—they’ve covered in dust, hairs and other horrible gunk.

The fiſteen sets in revisited are 2G1, 2G2, 2G3, 2G4, 2G5, 2H1, 2H2, 2H3, 2H4, 2H5, 2I1, 2I2, 2I3, 2I4 and 2I5.