how to build SSC


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SSC can be built from the unix command line using CMake version 3.11 or better, with a C++ 17 compiler such as appropriate versions of gcc or clang. It can also be built under Windows using Visual Studio 2015, 2017 or 2019.

The source code, and some prebuilt executables, can be found on the download page.


Before you can build SSC, you may need to install and build boost version 1.71 or better (I use version 1.74).

You will need to set two environment variables:
SSCPATH to point to the ssc directory;
BOOST to point to the boost root directory.

Windows 10

To build from Visual Studio, navigate to recipe\tea, open the appropriate .sln, and build. Prefer the 64 bit version for larger websites.

Macos and Centos

You will need CMake 3.11 or better.

From the home ssc directory:

cd recipe/tea
cmake .
ctest -V
make install

If everything works correctly, then everything will be built, a series of tests run, with a final result at the very end saying no failures. Having said that, given SSC is pre–alpha, don’t be too surprised to see some warnings or some final test errors.