terms & conditions


  1. My name is dylan harris; arts \ ego is my personal website;
  2. I sell copies of my books and CDs here, for the convenience of purchasers;
  3. To contact me, please use one of the options on the contact page.

Postage & Packing (P&P)

  1. For orders under €16, P&P is €5;
  2. For orders between €16 & €50 inclusive, the P&P is €8;
  3. P&P is free for orders over €50.


  1. Orders to an address in France are usually shipped via La Poste of France;
  2. All other orders are usually shipped via Le Post of Luxembourg;
  3. If you wish to make alternative shipping arrangements, you must contact me before you place your order, and we must come to an agreement regarding alternative delivery.


  1. I retain information about purchases made: such information is not intentionally divulged to third parties, except as necessary to fulfil the purchase;
  2. Things financial are handled by a payment service, such as paypal, who let me know what to send where; consult them for their privacy policy.


  1. If payment is made via a payment service, such as paypal, any disputes should be addressed using their dispute resolution process;
  2. Otherwise, in case of problems, please contact me to find a resolution;
  3. Any disputes that we cannot resolve ourselves shall be resolved in accordance with Luxembourg law.


  1. These terms & conditions only apply to items sold on this website;
  2. These terms & conditions do not apply to purchases made via third–parties, such as corrupt press, deviant art and red bubble: such purchases are conducted according to the terms & conditions of those parties.