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— Basic Info —

Dylan Harris

Esch–sur–Alzette, The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

+352 621 589 615, ,

Dual nationality : UK, Luxembourg

Attached, no kids

English (mother tongue), French (B3), Luxembourgish (B1), German (A2), Dutch (A2, rusty)

Full driving licence

Not looking for work

— Introduction —

Advanced C++ engineer: from Windows 1 to 10; from unix system 3 to Linux / OpenBSD / macos ( sample code ). Wide knowledge of software technologies. Able to acquire additional skills. Highly flexible & experienced; often stood in to cover gaps in teams.

Industry experience: institutions, IT security, finance, health, TV, pharmaceutical, car, telecoms, manufacturing, publishing, hardware and training.

I’ve been a cloud–based for a couple of years. It’s good and interesting, but hasn’t offered me the challenge I’ve experienced building sophisticated C++ software. I’d like to return to my core skillset. However, given I must stay resident in Luxembourg, a country without a significant C++ market, I am open to other opportunities.

I can telework. I have much kit, with access to professional software, including MSDN Enterprise subscription content.

I believe, given my skills and experience, I can make a useful contribution to many an organisation.

I am willing to consider both employee and freelance work, within the context of Luxembourg law.

— Major Achievements —

Designed & implemented simulator for medical implants DSP.

Microsoft released five multimedia products using my code.

Acorn named me in the BBC micro ROM credits.

— Skills —

98/3/11/14/17, ( all versions ), ( 9/7 ), ( 9… ), & some ( 9.2… ), , etc. ( sample code ); various scripting languages, etc..

from 1987, from 1982, from 1993 ( mostly  ), from 10.2, from 2.8. Experience using , , , , , , , , , , , etc..

Version control : , , , etc..

( ) : single– / multi–platform networks, bare metal, & cloud, internal / internet facing services, . : , , , , , some ; ; : , ; : , , , , , , etc..

Some , , , experience.

— Experience —

Unless otherwise stated, these were short term contracts that got extended until the project was complete.

Sogeti : May 2014–…, consultant, machine translation, Luxembourg, at European Commission.
Azure / Centos / devops admin. Previously, maintaining the middleware layer. Some enterprise architecture. A very mixed role. For machine translation. Large team.
Lumension (was Secure Wave SA) : September 2012–January 2014, employee, security application, Bertrange
Maintaining device control security products. Added print shadowing features. Analysed and wrote requirements to adapt product to updated security standards. Medium team.
& with training from Agile 42. Company ran out of money.
Civolution : February–August 2012, multimedia, Eindhoven
Team to automate testing of television monitoring services using . Rejected contract renewal for personal reasons.
Thomson Reuters : December 2009–February 2012, finance, Paris
Built a test framework in C++ using existing internal low level libraries to test high performance financial middleware, with a Python interface so others could write test scripts.
Cybertrust : March 2008–April 2009, employee, security application, Dublin
application suite maintenance, administration. Medium team. Bad work environment.
Cochlear : November 2006–January 2008, health, Mechlin
Develop an emulator in C++ for a multi–core to medical standards. Construct a GUI for programmers to use to develop their DSP code. Write . Only developer in small hardware team.
Secure Wave SA : May 2006–October 2006, security application, Bertrange
Develop support products in C++. Debug core product. Design, implement multi–threading library (on ). Design, implement networked PC device scanner. Fix USB secure FAT filesystem. Medium team.
Punch Graphix : December 2005–March 2006, manufacturing, Lier
Design & construct configuration manager for new industrial printers, using , in C++ and . Small team. MD died suddenly, replacement cancelled all projects.
Sortex: April 2005–December 2005, fixed price contract, manufacturing, London
Port C++ app to new SBC to upgrade food sorting machine. Solo.
Modgraph Consultants Ltd. : 1997–2005, fixed price contract, pharmaceutical, Welwyn
Built and support middle layer for chemical registration system, using C++, s and ActiveX controls. Small team.
Cryptic Software Ltd. : April 2005–November 2005, security application, Kettering
Design, build C++ client to monitor for security threats on Windows from 1995 to Vista, OS X, linux, solaris, BSD. Design, build C++ ActiveX control for server to communicate with clients. Design encrypted comms. protocol, to be reliable across poor quality networks. Solo. Company ran out of money (again).
Symbian: March–August 2004, telecoms, Cambridge
Construct installation application in Windows using C++. Small team.
Cryptic Software Ltd. : May 2001–January 2004, security application, Kettering
Design, build C++ client to monitor for security threats on many operating systems. Design, build C++ control for server to communicate with clients. Design comms. , to be reliable across poor quality networks. Solo. Company ran out of money.
Trafficmaster : June 2000–March 2001, telecoms, Milton Keynes
Build robust server. Medium team.
Cambridge Consultants Ltd. : January–May 2000, telecoms, Cambridge
Finish C++ app to manage . Medium team.
Pi : July–December 1999, transport, Cambridge
Assist in construction of C++ track monitoring software for F1 team. Medium team. Agency refused to renegotiate rates.
Restone Telecom : October 1997–June 1999, telecoms, London
Redesign Redstone switch. Develop app for acquisition of Call Data Records. Design resilient app to send customer data to bespoke call–forwarding switches. Small team.
Glaxo Wellcome : June 1996–October 1997, pharmaceutical, Stevenage
Build pharmaceutical registration package middleware. Finish client. Medium team.
Dorling Kindersley : April 1994–May 1996, multimedia, London
Support construction of DK multimedia products. Large team. .
Andromeda Interactive : six months, multimedia, Abingdon
Build a multimedia engine. Solo.
Xionics : six months, multimedia, London
Build demo code for for video card. Solo.
Dorling Kindersley : a year, multimedia, London
Build C multimedia player for Microsoft Musical Instruments. Small team. Microsoft used the player in additional products.
M.I.C.S. : 2 years, finance, Ware
Build insurance products. Small team.
Multimedia Corporation : 6 months, multimedia, London
Build in . Small team. Personality clash with owner.
Apricot : permanent, IT, Birmingham
Build new version of comms package. Medium team. Company jettisoned division.
Inforem : 2 years, employee, IT, London
Design & build GEM based methodology tool in .
Software Experts Ltd. : 15 months, employee, training, Egham
Design and give technical training on . Write . Small team. I realised training was not for me.
Acorn : 1981, summer holiday job, IT, Cambridge
Complete . Solo in Small team. I was credited in the BBC micro ROM.
Comart Computers Ltd. : 1979–1980, sandwich layer of degree course, IT, 1 year, St. Neots
Build bespoke invoice and stock control system in under . Solo.

— Education —

Devoteam : 20533 — Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions, one week full time, spring 2019.
Pro Lingua : French evening classes (B3), summer 2018.
Pro Lingua : Luxembourgish evening classes (A1–B1), 2015–2018.
Agile 42: Scrum Lumension, spring 2013.
Trinity College : Dutch evening classes October 2008 – January 2009.
Alliance Française: French evening classes (A1–A2.2), June 2008 to April 2009.
Hochschule Bremen : full time German (A1, A2), July & August 2007.
CVO Mechelen : Dutch evening classes (A1–A2.1), 2007.
Thames Polytechnic (University of Greenwich) : B.Sc. (Hons) Computing Science (2:1)
Bedford School : Maths, Physics, Chemistry A’Levels ; 9 O’Levels.

— Business et al —

Corrupt Press : 2011 onwards, owner, poetry publisher, Luxembourg
This small poetry press was set up in Paris, became a Scottish limited company, & is now informal.
wurmfest : summer/autumn 2009, chair, poetry, Dublin
Three of us set up, ran and hosted wurmfest, a contemporary poetry festival.
wurm press : 2008/2009, coörganiser, poetry, Dublin
Two of us set up this small poetry press. I pulled out when work took me to Paris.
Cyberspace Services Ltd. : 1993–2003, owner, IT, East Anglia
Company used for contracting in UK. Standard approach of the time.
DT Travel Ltd. : 1995–1997, chair, travel, Bury
Myself and a group of friends set this travel company up in the late 1990s. I part funded it, but did not work for it. It was successful for a while, but in the end we had to close it down.

— Other —

poets live : 2010/2011, organiser, reading series, Paris
I resurrected this English–language poetry reading series. I handed it on when work took me to Eindhoven.
wurm im apfel : 2008/2009, coörganiser, reading series, Dublin
Two of us set up this poetry reading series. I pulled out when work took me to Paris.

— Publications —

I’ve had six poetry collections and five photography artist’s books published. See my website for details. I have given poetry readings in Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, & the UK. I have exhibited my photography at Konscht am Gronn in Luxembourg city (2014–2018), and in the UK.

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