concrete abuse of text


I’ve added some Marain subtitles to a few pages, mostly in homage to Iain Banks, who died too young. There’s no anniversary, so far as I know, I just took the opportunity.

I wanted to temporarily use a language that isn’t found on arts & ego. I looked at invented languages, considered Unwinese, then fell into Marain. I love Banks’ novels, he created the script for those novels, so it felt right.

I couldn’t have shown Marain were it not for some productive Culture fans, whose real names I shamefully do not know. They include conlanger56, who designed the Marain font used, and comradelenin456, whose dictionary & notes allowed me to make some dubious choices. I thank them, and other netizens of The Culture. All errors are mine.

If you’ve not done so, go read Banks’ novels, whether straight or scifi. They’re utterly worth the effort.

Iain Banks created Marain for his Culture novels. The font is © 2018 conlanger56. I used u/comradelenin456’s dictionary for translation. The errors are mine.