escher poetry — [S] :: 1

in the dream i’d married her
& he came along on my first date
with a new girlfriend
a third beauty who was rightly there
a mutual friend i think

he was somewhat annoyed that he hadn’t been invited
a wife should always share his husband’s lives
but it was a minor miff like a forgotten sandwich
keys left in the cat
a car unfed

human clouds of natural grey
emotion precisely identifies
the wife the girlfriend & the other
none of whom actually are
one of whom really is

sitting on exactly remembered barstools
at the end of a high bench table
me in the near corner
by 3 clouds of female grace

what sack of musty emotion
created this nonsense
why did it assemble last night
why do i remember

well i know the last i couldn’t sleep
and i know the middle my job was scotched
and i know the first
ten years it’s still too strong

the kind of thing
that might turn into
a deathbed regret

one of a thousand
like why did i leave the keys in the cat

without this dubious emotional dredging
my poetry may be a little less drondt