right justice

right justice requires good law and balanced judgement
good law's of parliament that's another row
judiciary must balanced judgement

authority announced so proud in 2001 in english civil law
in every money case but for one percent defence was barred
so proud that civil justice was seen to be undone
so proud to announce this flaw is promoted on the net
so proud that ninety nine percent of times the most extreme possible opposite of balance occurred
so proud to run the opposite of justice
so proud to break the heart of right

for law to have right justice all practical ways to take part
must be accepted to welcome any simple means to say

the phone is simple messaging is easy the net is practical
it's quick to make the phone secure as do the banks
the net is cheaper than a day unworked
and drove to lick a judge

civil law was broken when phones became most have fifty years ago

not everyone mobiles faxes emails
not everyone is fixed abode yet the law presumes

good systems have redundancy to re-enforce talk
alternatives may copy word when other methods fail
if civil law had right justice all sides would be heard
other forms of talk ubiquitous have been ignored for fifty years

ninety nine percent abandoned by broken rules for fifty years
this is more than rot
english civil law's corrupt

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