Maid of Law

See you, affront your eyes, the sculptured scale
the civil legals dropped: the hundred year
deny. The highlit statue holds their fail
unbroken in distruth. Now add the fear,
the means to cause prevent defence, the side
denied by methods of the court: no sense
except in bureaucratic eyes,

                                             This bride
of parliament ignored her scales for pence
to concentrate on cleaning rules. As life
is born to red and green and death, as crime
took history to wreck and war, to strife
and sex, the maid of law was shining grime.

Look. Burn the rot. Wipe clean the Darwin glass.
The nation's moved. Catch up with us. Run fast.

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Dylan Harris

it's my hands
my difficulty with melancholy
hence the coldness
fear in flight, god
dog sea
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