What Do Lemmings Eat?

What do lemmings eat?
Why, of course, its obvious!
What, you haven't worked it out?
Well, ask a different question:
what do lemmings do?
Why, of course, they lem;
they lem on yellow Citrus fruit.

What do pigeons do?
Why, of course, they pidge, and
they've pidged all over my car,
the horrible, horrible things.

And what do katkins eat?
Why, of course, they eat ...
Yearch! "How horrible!
Come here, poor puss-cat,
poor tiddle-possum,
we won't let those nasty plants eat you, will we:
Now, about those dead mice you keep leaving on the doorstep ...

And what do dolphins do
why, of course, they dolph around,
they chortle in the sea,
wasting time in playful fuss,
not doing any work.
What lazy fun -
we can't have that -
no dole for them,
ha ha.

And what do muffins do?
its actually quite disgusting
as disgusting people know.
I, of course, am innocent,
all I can say is "mule".

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Dylan Harris

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