us we walked we walked we the green
the mow neat bowls neat long sun green
sunshine august town park green

see she short model light touch she
summer dress dance walk tall me she
twenty eight actress soft speak she

"happy script daft script television tale
super sigh nordic spy idiotic tale
cash strong series long career good tale

stupid press drunken press i really can't believe
press release mock piece why do they believe
satire true fun too the idiots believe

see them far across that chain traffic road
cameramen journalists crocodiles all
meet me mock me mac the muck

believe me sure me the princess north
gloom haunted gleam haunting glamour haunting down
a minister in ministry the minister of war

and my producer grins
his stephen twigg grin."

image: po

Dylan Harris

it's my hands
my difficulty with melancholy
hence the coldness
fear in flight, god
dog sea
push pop

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