Starr From The Outside

"Monica was only 19 ... most girls of 19 are randy little minxes."
The late Alan Clark, MP

I have no sympathy
with the odious caterwauling
from the slighted egos
of those poisonous men
Monica did not choose.

So a woman with the taste
for powerful men
chased a powerful man?
So she had the strength
to get whom she was after?

So a politician lied? What shock!
So he tried to cover up the tale?
This mean he's evil? What a load of crap!
This just shows that he's of us,
even though some daren't admit it.

All I see is the programmed
anger of the shouting jealous:
the men Monica did not choose,
the women who didn't get the President.
Is private, mutual lust, really worse

than this collective hate?
Get your act together, America.
I thought jealousy of success
was just a British fault. But,
I think, you feel it there as well.

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Dylan Harris

it's my hands
my difficulty with melancholy
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