i am perfect its the universes fault

you goes back a place you aint bin a while
sometimes theres summin nu there
weren't there before
an bin around a hundred year

"dont be silly its your memory
leaks like a taf" yull say
oh no it aint
that old fing really is nu

and ive worked it out
i read summit in the paper
bout quan'um stuff
you no qubits and the like

preten you cant put yer eggs in one basket
an if all yer gots one basket
an all the eggs gotta goin
yure stuffed

but if yuve got a quan'um basket
theyll all goin
cos it spreads em out fer yer
cross lotsa parallel universe fings

each universe is like a difrent istry
an quan'um stuf 'ops among em
an thats how it all works
an human memrys sorta quan'um too

and thats y i dont remember
those old new fings
cos me memrys leaked from anover istry
where there aint no such stuf

and theres anover me
who remembers a road that aint there
and turned dahn it and hit a wall
and now hes got grief

cos you see time and istrys like a crystal
a la'ice of parallel universe fings
sometimes theres a crack an such like
thats where istrys get to be difrent

and all the people you fink are loonies
cos their world aint the one outside the window
its jus they got memry leaks
an they know stuff you aint even dremt ov

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