remembering the slits

it's twenty-five years
the slits punking girls
rebel man's desire

ramp firing
music fem

but me i was just another buyers' ears
a true rebel man never slashed the air guitar
i was nil in no-ones' useless army

they created
jammed recorded
punking girls

i played a slit at table football
i won wow what an achievement
fuck that

freeborn girls
never typical
sound exciters

in the setting
of revolts neutered by "what's the point"
from the irate driven angry priest of shan't

it's twenty-five years
how many else fire recall
rage the dawn away

now they'll be mothers

forget wallpaper
i'll throw the guacamole
decorate their empire

i never saw them live
but i must have done for table football
bollox bollox bollox

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The Slits

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