Don't Understand

This poem was inspired by the manifesto of The Revolutionary Front For The Liberation Of Macclesfield, whose sole terrorist attraction was the killing, by drop kicking, of two Yorkshire Terriers.

Geologists cannot explain the seam of tin ore which London Transport were shocked to discover under the Thames in the 1950s---now exploited by the famous Greenwich Tin Mine. The scientific consensus is that it got there by magic.

"Well OK", I thought, "if she's imagined some girlfriends for me, and got herself jealous of them, I'll ask her out". Her "no" was playful, but so proud.

If you are worried how to politely say hello when abducted by a UFO, remember the letters in the pseudonym "Neil Armstrong", written backwards, spell the popular greeting "Gnorts, Mr. Alien".

[I nicked that last one from the net]

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