Fear In Flight, God (a poem in two forms)

While driving home, this winter night,
I saw the orange greenhouse light
illuminate the sky.

The telly says, in Pakistan,
a hijacked plane, the bastards gone,
they killed a two-day groom.

An airport near, another crash,
a cargo plane, the pilot's dash-
ing self-belief, now dead.

A glass of wine, the need for sleep,
this cyclic time, disturbed relief,
so naturally I dream...

I'm drinking Rosé,
the colour of inhuman blood,

From night-time winter nurseries
cylinders of bright orange light
rise to the lowering cloud,
and spread like petals,

murder a bridegroom
for sight.

the heat is so extreme
that shocked birds
flying far above flames
falling as shells,
incrementing death.

They think
to reduce their nation's pain
by adding to it.

This is a time of cyclic myth
of winter solstice,
of Y2K,
of Christian birth.

Today's God consumes.

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