Dear Paul

The Irish bloke who's in the sky
seems to have decided that I
should work for me, and no other,
so I'm turning this jobless mother

into programming construction
of packages, and production
of lotsa things for demand
on just my whim and command.

The reason why I've writ this note
to you (and others---some hope)
is 'cos I think the Active Book
has a chance that should be took

to launch some software with the box---
that way it'll get less knocks
from reviews---it should get some stars
so earning us a few gold bars.

It would be great if you could say
"there's other software on its way
not from us, but from another:
an independent software brother".

Anyway, I hope you'll agree
that I should meet the ABC.
I think what I need to learn
(to make sure that I don't burn

the midnight oil with no aim)
is the markets I should gain:
if you're willing to tell me that---
worry not, I'll stay my trap.

I'll also need some techno stuff
about environmental guff
to build the user's best solution,
as well as things like distribution.

Do you think that this idea
is worth a word in Herman's ear?
I'll phone you sometime in the week
to arrange a time for us to meet

if you want to go ahead
and explore this stuff that I have said.
Things ain't fully there as yet
I haven't finally made the bet

of starting working for myself:
I've got to show conceptual wealth
to the people with the money---
prove I'll make some bread and honey.

But this is why I want to meet
to show that this chance has feet
firmly planted on the ground:
no need for pigs with wings around.

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