"Thank you for my Nobel Prize,
it was really quite expected,
although when it was that I revived
my spatial perspective

I didn't think that I would come
across a neat concept
that space and things are not just one---
with time in Einstein's net---

but space is really quite like heat,
though just the date quarks have it,
a thing they rather like to keep,
or we'd could never have it!

I'm sure you've read my every word,
and I've so much more to say,
but I'll stop, and what you've heard,
you'll treasure every day."

This speech is what that man
said when he got the prize
now withdrawn, for no-one can
steal ideas which were derived

by a student, rather pissed,
who hid her papers up a tree,
where this man's pet dog Liszt
barked unhappily.

This poem was excluded from Hymnen.

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