I am to write an ABAQ book,
passing on to programmers
Atari wrapped Transputer gifts,
and HELIOS Assemblers.

The book of opcodes given me
lists some numbers with no meanings.
A evening birdsong has more logic,
a juggernaut could better code,
even Spock, with forever
in a hell Gödel free,
could not program happily.

I've left my cat in San Francisco
with John and his sister Miss Doe
so when I went to clean the chair
I had to stop 'cos Sid weren't there.

And your confusion at that verse
(if your mind's in reason's hearse)
resembles mine when I see blurb
about your chip: a useful word
for each opcode would be nice:
you can't roast nuts without some rice.

Can you help? Do you care?
Why do you just sit and stare?

Yours in anticipation
of some notes of explanation...

Inmos kindly sent me the opcode book I wanted.
I never wrote the ABAQ book.

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