Starr From The Outside

"Monica was only 19 … most girls of 19 are randy little minxes."
The late Alan Clark, MP

I have no sympathy
with the odious caterwauling
from the slighted egos
of those poisonous men
Monica did not choose.

So a woman with the taste
for powerful men
chased a powerful man?
So she had the strength
to get whom she was after?

So a politician lied? What shock!
So he tried to cover up the tale?
This mean he's evil? Come on!
This just shows that he's of us,
even though some daren't admit it.

All I see is the programmed
anger of the shouting jealous:
the men Monica did not choose,
the women who didn't get the President.
Is private, mutual lust, really worse

than this collective hate?
Get your act together, America.
I thought jealousy of success
was just a British fault. But,
it seems, you feel it there as well.

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