when the trains first came

verdant land life more than seen elsewhere
somewhere birds flute their rapid haunt
flower aroma allergy fresh
their words names i used to know

these the last trudging heavy miles
walking home from thirty years' adventure
i've fought built won lost the lot
all i have is god and memory

i stop inhale the edge the ancient estate
the childhood familiar buildèd hills
wild life recreated raced replaced
old monster trees lost forgotten

the real change is human made felt
people live more smoke mechanical
cities rip a rush run panic
dreary no stranger charm-chat

i've found life's guide doubt's fey
no mock threat manipulation no selfish abuse
this holy book unwraps the world
all described dissected diagnosed

see find somewhere hidden symbols
discover compulsion underneath
no need for sinners' understanding
the book tells judges i retribute

here shafts strait-jacket shock me
these tors these childhood joke and tumble hills
these history halls rent by satan
hades' sulfic smoke rises

vents bricked dug to hell
risen fumes drift sins' infection
i see entry horizontal distant
a road descent weak to hell's mine

i'll walk casts god's light
face rent the conjurers' challenge
follow grounded iron rods of sinner doom
laid to guide me their hopeless

i crunch walk dark echo
the beast squeals knows me here
it comes roars i stand immortal
"halt" i shout "a man of god is stood…"

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