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migraine & wash day

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I do get mild migraines, or more precisely, I suffer ailments that fit the description of mild migraines: headache, nausea. When I say mild, I mean it: I can function. I don’t suffer the way my mother did.

Although I’ve not worked out all the situations in which I get them, I have observed something quite interesting. I used to get migraines on wash days, pretty much. Before I became attached, I washed my own clothes, and often dried them in the flat. That’s when I’d be quite likely to suffer migraines. I learnt to spend the day elsewhere when I couldn’t use laundrette drying machines.

My girlfriend does much the same, or at least did until we moved to our current home. But I don’t get migraines when did the washing. There is one very important little difference between our washing styles. I use the manufacturers’ recommended quantities of washing powder. She uses much much less. I suspect there’s a connection.

So, if you get migraines on wash days, try using a lot less washing powder. It might make a difference to your suffering. It will make a difference to your pocket. Once you’ve got it right, your clothes will be just as clean.


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