Why Am I In Politics, You Ask?

Why am I in politics, you ask?
When I went to eat today
I had to throw some food away,
it could have saved a child.
While we’re rich we stuff ourselves,
we gorge, we grunt, we role in greed
whilst all around people die.
Why is food where its not needed?
Why is ease a little better,
slightly nicer, extra spice,
more valuable than unseen life?

Why am I in politics, you ask?
Can you see the world’s in pain,
Can’t you feel it crying?
Don’t you know whose causing this,
don’t you know its you and me?
Is your dream to stand aside
to see the sobs decline to death
pulling down us all around
to make the biggest funeral yet?
No mourners, no one to come,
they’ll be no witness to this death,
for we shall all die with it.

Why am I in politics, you ask?
If this decline is all our doing,
then we’re the ones to stop it.
Man’s the raper, man’s the beast,
its all for man’s barbaric feast.
To save this life, to save us all,
we’ve got to know a way to do it.
If people have the power to dig,
to rape whilst others die around
to grab in greed while thousands starve
the power to say “he dies today”,
don’t you ask where this power lies
how it is one man decides
who may live and who may die
yet not to know his little quirk
means life for less and rape of Earth?
Don’t you see that you’re the one,
and me, and him and her?
We rarely realise what we do
but when we buy a this or that
we give a little power away
and one man there in the middle
grabs this gift and builds it high
to make another rapists’ feast.
But don’t you see, don’t you realise
we’re the guests who stuff ourselves
we’re the ones who load the guns.

Why am I in politics, you ask,
when we have a life to save.
I could watch, then run away
and look afar while others eat
until the Earth gives up its breath
and shares with me its global death.
Oh, what a way to save a life
to sit and watch, to stand around.
Is that the way to do it?

Why am I in politics, you ask?
Most people care not at all
most people sit and watch TV
and laugh at its complacent jokes,
most people know not what they do
they feast in their own luxury.
But I can see that things are wrong
and something must be done.
It could be me whose up the creek
it could be my idea that’s daft,
but then what are the screams I here
what are those sounds of pain and death?
To save our lives whilst others drink
relaxed in easy doublethink
slowly leaking little power
building up in hallowed lakes
the power to make the right decision
the power to stop the rapists strike.
Can you see another way,
can you see the easy answer?
Or did you give up, go away,
and let the cynic hold her sway?
There is an answer, though not simple
it will take a life to get
but then a life is all we have
and if we let the answer go
then a life is something past
an oddity in history books
were they ever to be wrote.
The answer lies in saying
the decisions mine to make.
You, and me, and all around
could stop and say “that’s enough”
but no, relaxed in doublethink
one true decision is too much.
But do you want to sit and watch,
or raise your hands and shout out “Stop”?
I can’t sit down, I’ve got to care,
the pain is just too much to bear.

Why am I in politics, you ask,
with drunken anger in your voice,
as though it were my greatest sin.
I was surprised, it caught me out,
you see, I’ve seen you care as well,
I’ve seen you wish that things would change.
You can, you’ve seen the world’s in pain,
you can, you can see it crying.
I haven’t heard what you’ve to say,
I fear its nothing, silent hell,
I fear you’ve given up.
Are you going to sit and whinge,
to moan that things are not all right,
to wish that “they” would make things good.
Or are you going to do it?

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