in amongst the rows of coloured beans
the stacks arranged to blight the common eye
the baked in black
the stewed in blue
the green & lima beans
the dusty beans
the dry and broken lines of beans
of jumping beans
the one just one of giant bean
in amongst the rows of useless market beans
i ran
i ran
for i desired some other foods
some cheese some beer
some grease some hair
i ran
i ran
& stopped
was stopped
an agéd mouth of greater width than aisles allowed
was stood amongst his plants
his hairy plants
his blue and drunken plants
his floozy plants
his plants of just a penny for a trick
his plants of empty ears
whilst he retold his tales of hero days
his days of youth
his days he fought his battles bright
with cabbages and bins
and fallen stools
and broken truth
the day he stood damn firm against a cliff
and bested it in games of cowards’ snap
he told his tales in selfish drag
in unaware
in blindly brag
so false to others’ ears
so empty of the world
his blind to those
like me
the me who ran
the me who couldn’t pass
the me who asked to move on by
and asked again
the me who said get out the way
the me the mouth refused to hear
whilst talking at his floozy plants
the me the mouth denied
the me of dark
the me of night
the me who drowns the dram
the me the mouth required for life
the me who pushed on by
to hear the agéd mouth exclaim
as loud as dust explodes
to hear the mouth complain of youth
of youth so rude
of youth so young
of youth who didn’t drim his heroes of the past
of youth who pushed
who pushed on by without a word
the simple word he failed to hear
he wouldn’t hear
he couldn’t hear
because the mouth presumed his senses wouldn’t age
unpleasant age
all livings’ age
too human age
the age he didn’t dare to face
the age that said his every sense was glim to fade
his lazy fear
his ageing fear
his tiring fear
not daring of the cold
the cowardice
so lazy
so lazy
too weak to face his body’s glet
the fall
the graceless fall
the time the shine departs
and simple harpish songs acquire a grace
the fantasies of opiates
the fantasies decrepitude
the death that everyone acquires
so mouth
so mouth
you ageing mouth
you blocking mouth
you mouth who’s standing wide across the aisles
a tent across a stream
an arse across humanity
across the aisles your floozy plants embalm
the aisles i have to run
to run to food
so mouth
you’ll learn to hear when someone asks to pass
you’ll learn to tune your every sense by its decline
you’ll learn the need to listen to the world again
for i will push you out
for i will kick you down
for i will turn the world away from arrogance of age
for i am arrogance of strength
the arrogance of strength that mouths ignore
the arrogance of strength you used to own
for i am who you used to be

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