fifty year guess

America pax

exhausted Israel Palestine
Egypt Lebanon Jordan
template EU as MU
no Syria

Balkan step step Turkey irony
aggregate Morocco Tunisia Algeria Iran
Moldova Iceland mmm
Syria Norway Switzerland no
more was Soviet no

UK nationalisms
England civil war three
nationalists satan empathy
victorise hatred
EU expels shamed shout England
Poul Dayker pogrom dictator
executes executes
England civil war four
blood and stalemate
Scotland invades
Ireland France grim support
impose Caledonian composite
happier US careful neutral
bases closed bristled
Edinburgh UK2 drum machine
seven million dead by nationalism
well done daily mail
you’ll live your dream short
high on junky hatred

old empires
of old territory

China superpower
might shake America
just bit oddment
must be nothing

Brasil power
India power

Russia repaired
sees China
aware uncare EU

India Russia China EU
four marionetteers
of Pakistan Afghanistan Kashmir
no peace

Africa still fuckup toy
despite South Africa Nigeria

China direct Asia Australia
Japan tense

China integration
America in Taiwan stand off
China hacks US
snap invade snap win
snap US military prisoned
China unified
occupies America moon Mars
US stilled incredulous

US dereferences for global boil
China relents
return moon Mars
troops not technology

EU wet scared
got American technology
need else now

Russia wet scared
neighboured rampant superpower
need strength now

EU Russia unite
Moscow Strasbourg one
Ukraine Belarus Georgia Armenia Azerbaijan join
Kazakhstan Krygyzstan Uzbekistan Tajikistan Mongolia decline

new balls please
Beijing to serve

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