Wake Up, Wake Up, Oh Slippery Snake

The sun settled waves as a late night dream.
The stunned shock beneath is my soul’s true being.
Oh, what has time done in the last half hour?
Oh, why has this dream found the way to real power?

The impossible theory I wished to avoid
Without which I mellowed; my future, I toyed.
The wave has collapsed, the sky has come down,
to let myself float is to let myself drown.

Sunk by the surf opportunities send
the future has grabbed me, my drifting must end.
Now I must swim to a point in the sky
I can’t start to sleep, a relaxed drift by.

Now I must use my intellect’s power
and aim for that ultimate programming hour.
This is it! Now is here! Time can move on,
but now I must swim into life’s major song.

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