Display poem in wysiwyg
display results on analysis at points of analysis
Enable editing of poem, including words and standard presentation (don’t support, say, futurism or anything else beyond RTF control)
Support standard operations, inc. clipboard, file, help, about
Use status bar to provide detail of analysis etc.
Understand sequences


Normal, paced for rhythm, particular connection black all else grey


Basically, all RTF Control facilities for user text editing
Input text by typing as normal
Drag text selection and editing as normal
Multiple clicks for added selection as normal
Right click for context menus (see below)
Word font etc. as user selects. User can underline with usual patterns.
Permit inflection marking, via phonemes, musical terms, etc..


Bar Between Words
Box behind words (rectangular, oval, diamond, rise, descend) (full, fade in, fade out)
Line (under, over, strike through) (all: /\/\/\, //////, \\\\\\, ||||||, -+-+-+-) (over: bar) (not under: double bar, dot, dash dot, dash dot dot)
Margin: bar, text?
User can show or hide any or all analysis results, can make hot dependent on key strokes, can select appearance. Hue for particular connection, intensity for connection distance, thickness for value.


Hot analysis, e.g. only show when key down
Standard Stuff

File Menu

New: new empty app window
Open: open dialogue for poem
Save As…:
Export: export to HTML
Print: print poem
Print Preview: standard
Properties: poem info

Edit Menu

Cut: cut selected
Copy: copy selected
Paste: if text, etc., accept
Delete: del selected
Select All
Find: search for text in poem
Find & Replace: equivalent
Extra Entries:
Specify analysis: user specifies analysis result
Add to engine

View Menu

Show/Hide various Analysis
Status Bar
Popup info (or in options)

Tools Menu

Disable/Enable analysis
Create Form from Poem
User Options

Help Menu

Check for update

Common Context Menu

Edit (Paste, Undo, Redo)
Select (word, phrase?, sentence?, line, stanza, all)
Show/Hide analysis of context…
Display (normal, paced for rhythm)
Show/Hide phonetics, extended phonetics

Selection Context Menu

Edit (cut, copy, delete)
Create rhythm (word), metre (line), form (all)
Analyse (if globally disabled)
Specify sequence as analysis…
Specify sequence for adding to data engine (e.g. sequence of vowels to add to assonance relationships…)
Mark as specific sundry

Word Context Menu

Suggest (spelling alternatives, rhymes…, synonyms, antonyms…) (of word under mouse, of selected word; choose menu item replaces word under mouse)
Dictionary Entry…
Underline/Italics/Bold etc…

Punctuation Context Menu

Underline/Italics/Bold etc…

Inflection Context Menu

Underline/Italics/Bold etc…

White Space Context Menu

Stanza (merge, separate here)

Margin Context Menu

Margin dialog…


Usual Text Edit

Analysis Toolbar

One button per analysis type, plus one for unrecognised words


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