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Download the control (time-limited version in .ZIP file)

The Chem32S ActiveX control draws chemical structures from .MOL files.

image: Screenshot of the Chem32s control

The control does not support any user input. It is designed for existing products which do this, such as MDL's ISIS/Draw. It can successfully communicate with applications which are not fully OLE compliant, via DDE.

The control can communicate with Modgraph Consultants' Ltd. UNIX-hosted Structure Server, and be used to upload, download, search and analyse a large, chemically-intelligent database.

The control runs successfully under Windows 95, Windows 98 and Windows NT 4.0. It has not been tested with Windows CE.

You can download a demonstration program which includes a time-limited copy of this control. This demonstration copy will cease working after the end of 1998. The download is a ZIP file, which includes README.TXT; ensure you read and follow the instructions in that file.

Contact Cyberspace Services Ltd. or Modgraph Consultants if you are interested in using this control.

The Chem32S control, and this documentation, is (c) 1998 Modgraph Consultants and Cyberspace Services Ltd..

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