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Introduction and Requirements

The Clock ActiveX control displays and inputs a time in analogue format.

image: screenshot of clock control

The control requires Windows NT 4 (with Service Pack 3), Windows 95/98, or something more recent.

The clock control can be manipulated with the keyboard or the mouse.


The following keys are processed by the clock control:

See the Mouse, return to Using the Control, or the top of this document.


The following actions can be performed with the mouse:

See the Keyboard, return to Using the Control, or the top of this document.

Registering the Control

The non-registered version shows, Cyberspace Services' Ltd. home page, on the clock face. In the registered version, developers can change this text.

The registered version costs $20.

ActiveX Mailing List

We run a small Mailing List dedicated to our ActiveX controls. You can join by by completing our Mailing List Form, or by sending SUBSCRIBE to (mailing list address) .

This mailing lists exists to enable:

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