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Love To Be Taxed
"Each time you buy your love a present, they receive undeclared income" says Ivan Knut, a spokesman for the British Inland Revenue. "We intend to crack down on this aspect of the black economy by introducing the 'extra purchase' rule. For example, if you buy your girlfriend flowers, every third time you should buy an extra bunch and send it to us. If you go out for a romantic meal, every third dinner you should pay for your taxman to accompany you."

Bin Laden Obeys Devil
The unofficial atheist-run Deity Monitoring Station had overheard the Saudi dissident Osama Bin Laden receiving instructions from the devil to sacrifice more of his followers. Although it has been long suspected, this is the first time that Bin Laden's connection to the devil has been confirmed. Interestingly, few of his followers have understood his acts consign them to hell.

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