June 11th: Six Oulipian poets at Le Bal Cafe (NEW LOCATION)

Monday June 11th, 19h00, at Le Bal Cafe, 6 Impasse de la Défense, 75018 Paris (métro Place de Clichy).

Poets Live is pleased to be presenting an evening of Oulipian poetry featuring Harry Mathews, Ian Monk, Doug Nufer, Wendy Walker, Tom La Farge and Daniel Levin Becker.

Wendy Walker is the author of My Man and Other Critical Fictions, Blue Fire, The Secret Service, and two volumes of tales. She is the editor of Proteotypes and co-leader of the Writhing Society in Brooklyn.

Tom La Farge has written two novels, Zuntig, and The Crimson Bears, and a book of “fablels,” Terror of Earth. He co-founded the Writhing Society, a weekly salon for constrained writing in Brooklyn, and has written the first three pamphlets of a manual, 13 Writhing Machines, that discusses various constraints. Administrative Assemblages came out in December, 2008, Homomorphic Converters in September, 2009, and Echo Alternators, in September, 2010. “Three Writhings” appeared in the &Now Awards 2009. His chapbook, Life and Conversation of Animals, a deformation of Gilbert White’s The Natural History of Selborne, appeared in August, 2010. He’s currently working on a series of three novels, The Broken House, Skin, and Gathering of Ghosts, in various stages of completion.

Daniel Levin Becker is reviews editor of The Believer and the youngest member of the Oulipo. His first book, Many Subtle Channels: in Praise of Potential Literature (Harvard) was just released.

Harry Mathews is an American novelist, poet, essayist, and memoirist. His most recent book is The New Tourism (poems, Sand Piper Press, Key West, Florida).

Ian Monk was born in London, but now lives in Lille, France. Aſter contributing to the Oulipo Compendium, he became a member of Oulipo in 1988. He has published books in English, such as Family Archeology and Writings for the Oulipo, in French (Plouk Town and La Jeunesse de Mek-Ouyes, and even in both (N/S, with Frederic Forte)). [Frederic needs accents Rufo’s e-mail can’t do.]

Doug Nufer is the author of seven novels, including the Oulipian novels Never Again, Negativeland, and By Kelman Out of Pessoa, and a poetry collection, We Were Werewolves. He lives in Seattle, where he sells wine.

AT : Le Bal Cafe, 6 Impasse de la Défense, 75018 Paris (métro Place de Clichy).