Maurice Scully with Dylan Harris
Maurice Scully will read from new work.
Dedalus Press published Doing the Same in English in October. “The selection in this volume,made by the poet himself, draws on the extensive 'Things That Happen' project (1981”2006), as well as three new books, Several Dances, Humming & Work.
Dylan Harris will read from his new Wurm Press chapbook, Europe, present some poetry with processed photography, and present his new online album, flock state, released as Devon Garde.
We are proud to introduce Annemarie N Chuirrein.
This event has occurred. Recordings of Annemarie Ní Chuirreín, Dylan Harris and Maurice Scully are available.
Refreshments were kindly supplied by Tiger Beer, Butlers Chocolate and the Pink Lemonade people.
Poetry Events
* 20:00 17 December 2008

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