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Harry Gilonis, the heat

Harry Gilonis is a poet, editor, publisher, and critic with long–standing links to Ireland and Irish writing. His first book, “Reliefs”, was published by the Irish small press hardPressed Poetry, and his most recent full–length collection, “Forty Fungi”, a collaboration with the visual artist Erica van Horn, was published by Coracle in Co. Tipperary. He has written on the work of Brian Coffey and Maurice Scully, and his small press imprint Form Books has published both, as well as work by Randolph Healy, Trevor Joyce, David Lloyd, Billy Mills, Eoghan Ó Tuairisc, Michael Smith, Geoffrey Squires, Catherine Walsh and Augustus Young. He edited “For the Birds: Proceedings of the First Cork Conference on New and Experimental Irish Poetry” [1997], co–published by hardPressed Poetry in 1998, and has performed in Cork at the Festival (later re–named SoundEye). The recent Irish Academic Press book “Other Edens: The Life and Work of Brian Coffey” includes his long essay on Coffey’s long poem “Advent”. Among his recent unpublished work is a version of what is reportedly the first satire in Irish:

               lacking platters (vinyl or china),
               lacking those liquids on which men thrive,
               lacking a lair to hide in at dark,
               lacking recompense for his pigeon rhyming,
               so fare “McSprockett”.

(a bit after Cairbre mac Ethne’s ‘satire upon Bres mac Eladain’; Ms. in TCD)

Recordings: Harry Gilonis (1), Sara Swan (1), Harry Gilonis (2), Sara Swan (2), closed mic.

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