image: differdange) photoset low action
an imperfect romp for the vinyl detective
image: autumn’s subtle beauty in sunlight escher blummen
autumn’s subtle beauty in sunlight
image: autumn leaves, sunlight between the rain parc
autumn leaves, sunlight between the rain
image: park static site checker
an opinionated HTML nitpicker
image: woods reflected swlc
a fast holistic website link checker
image: woods reflected GEM archive
DR’s Graphical Environment Manager
image: tannoy … software …

image: luxembourg (vi) lux brit
on being a Brit living in Luxembourg
image: dublin leaves à propos d’ici
bienvenue à mon site du web
image: The principles underlying the redesign of arts & ego. site design
the ideas behind the design of arts & ego
image: tannoy … blog …

image: la défense la défense
abstract photosets taken in Puteaux
image: Damage is found photography. damage
the slides were mouldy, the scanner stroppy
image: escher blummen escher blummen
beautiful flowers from the local parks
image: reflection of a window light … image …

image: an elderly computer flock state
modernist poetry & techno music –ish (2000s)
image: Prague mechanie
an unreleased album of factory music (1980s)
image: hoarfrost covered trees walkful thoughts
my early poetry set on an amiga (1980s)
image: Devon Garde CD … music …

mais en nos pays
nous n’avons plus eu
des langues compréhensible

from the sequence ’big town blues’
Die Sprachen
sind Kinder
der Welt


one a screeching
blackboard / one a
 screeching bird

escher poetry
from the sequence of the same name
image: abstract created by a borked camera … poetry …

image: cover of big town blues big town blues
published by The Knives Forks and Spoons Press
image: cover of none of the above none of the above
artist’s book published by corrupt press
image: cover of anticipating the metaverse … metaverse
published by The Knives Forks and Spoons Press
image: a poster for sale … books …

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