Poetry Reviews

Here are some personal opinions. I am not an expert reviewer. I am ignorant of sophisticated theory. I’m merely a practitioner interested in other people’s work.

I’ll review something because it strikes me. I like challenging poetry. Sometimes it’ll be in new ways, sometimes it’ll be in old ways done well, sometimes something will just work.

DaDaDa A romp from Catherine Daly.
The Rictus Flag A challenging but highly rewarding chapbook from Keston Sutherland.
Natural Causes The keystone poem of this, André Mangeot’s first collection, has stayed with me since I first read it six months ago.
Poem On A Train This chapbook from Jordan Davis is a good little book to give to someone to attract them to alternative form.
Anatman, Pumpkin Seed, Algorithm Loss Pequeño Glazier’s first collection: excellent.
Last Chap Jonathan Penton’s first collection is homely, chatty and most enjoyable.
Psychic Death Theatre David J. Searle: erm, the title is most apt!

2K4 Poetry Summit A stretching poetry conference.
The 13th CCCP The Cambridge Conference of Contemporary Poetry, 2K3. I’ll be there next year.



This Itch

Last Chap
Psychic Death Theatre
Acrylic Tips
The Rictus Flag
Natural Causes
Poem On A Train
Anatman, Pumpkin Seed, Algorithm

2K4 Poetry Summit
The 13th CCCP

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