Question to The Daily Mail

Consider this: if you don't face up to and deal with a fear, it'll infect your thoughts. It'll infect your actions. It'll control you. If you are frightened of spiders, and you don't manage and control the fear, the sight of a spider can panic you. You might drop the baby. The fear controls you. You have not had the courage to control it. If you had that courage, and had faced your fear, it'd still assault when you saw the spider, but you'd overcome it, manage it. You wouldn't panic, you'd be safe hands for the baby.

People who dare not face their fear will try and rationalise it. Spiders have hairy legs. Spiders can be poisonous. Spiders carry germs. These are not facts. They are cowards' self-deluding excuses.

It doesn't take a great deal of intelligence to work this out. It does take courage to face the fear.

Another fear is the fear of strangers. The fear of people different to you. Some people let this fear control them. These people are bigots. They do not have the courage to face their fear. This is why bigots are cowards. They do not have the intelligence to realise their fear controls them. This is why bigots are stupid.

There are many forms of bigotry. Let's look a common one. Let's look at racism. What am I supposed to think if I find someone regularly reading racist literature? Am I meant to respect the person? How can I? They are declaring themselves to be a bigot, to be a coward, to be stupid.

So how do you think I react when I find someone regularly reads The Daily Mail?

The Daily Mail, the coward's daily dose of racism. I pity those who believe it. I detest the selfish wankers who write it, feeding the cowardice with prejudice merely for money, not caring the bigotry creed they promote is the creed of slaughter and murder, throughout history, throughout nations, most recently in Rwanda and Jugoslavija.

So my question to The Daily Mail is: are you deliberately evil or deliberately stupid? Do you know the attitude you promote causes slaughter in times of national stress, meaning you're evil? Or do you deny the attitude you promote causes slaughter in times of national stress, meaning you're stupid?



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