Slow Reviews

Bloody typical. I write the first paragraph, and it mutates into the poem glist :: 2.

Right---a slow review reports on a product when the reviewer knows it properly, when its subtleties and foibles are clear.

I don't think there's anything particularly new or original about this. There's probably no demand either. Me, personally, I just don't like rushed reviews. They resemble a review of the Eiffel Tower as "Big, there's too much Iron: Mr. Eiffel should have used Pomegranates". I'm probably insulting many reviewers; I apologise; I read the wrong newspapers.

This section will slowly grow, somewhat like a thistle.

Tour De France Soundtracks Kraftwerk's recent Kling Klang product.
'Qualità Rossa' Yup, a review of a packet of coffee!
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Tour De France
Qualità Rossa

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