20.0o church is dangerous vital (24pp) 20.0n tin rush (24pp) 20.0m the A rush (20pp) 20.0k an engineering rush (ii) (20pp) 20.0l Miss Demeanour (28pp) 20.0j flock state (28pp) 20.0i be infinity (28pp) 20.0h Namings (24pp) 20.0g nation six dog (28pp) 20.0f uncivil law (40pp) 20.0e glist & discard (24pp) 20.0d chase chase (24pp) 20.0c an engineering rush (i) (28pp) 20.0b … a much for we … (28pp) 20.0a The Joy Of Tax (28pp) 19.9c Inn (24pp) 19.9b Swoop (24pp) 19.9a An Ode To The A14 (24pp) 19.8c Rose (28pp) 19.8b Hymnen (20pp) 19.8a Darmstadt (28pp) zip of chapbooks

I've decided to give up the good sense of doubting my poetry. Each poem comes from it's time, says what it wants to say. They can be improved, they will be improved, but they're not that bad (quack). I think they're better than a lot of stuff out there, but then I would say that, wouldn't I.

So, in this dubious confidence, I've produced these electronic chapbooks. You can download individual chapbooks from its page, or download then all in one shot.

These volumes are copyleft, under the Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike Licence. You're welcome to download and browse, amend and scrub, print and distribute, sell, my work, subject to that licence. You can download each original Open Office file.

All my chapbooks are draft. Some are more draft than others.

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…dangerous vital 20.0o
tin rush 20.0n
the A rush 20.0m
an engineering rush (ii) 20.0l
Miss Demeanour 20.0k
flock state 20.0j
be infinity 20.0i
Namings 20.0h
nation six dog 20.0g
uncivil law 20.0f
glist & discard 20.0e
chase chase 20.0d
an engineering rush (i) 20.0c
… a much for we … 20.0b
The Joy Of Tax 20.0a
Inn 19.9c
Swoop 19.9b
An Ode To The A14 19.9a
Rose 19.8c
Hymnen 19.8b
Darmstadt 19.8a

Statue in gardens in fog

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