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A recital of Michael Hamburger's translation of Paul Celan's "Death Fugue". "I am writing to you to thank you for your contribution to Race Action Kettering's Holocaust Memorial Day event. Your poem was a terrific credit to both the author and the reader. We were all very moved by your rendition." (Ron Sawford, Northamptonshire Racial Equality Council).
Steve Sneyd in Data Dump #79, reviewing 19.8b Hymnen "An ambitious mini-epic, if in places a little preachy, a generally eloquent instance of SF poetry unafraid of big / challenging ideas".
Jeff Harrison "I find your poetry accomplished and provocative (a rare combination!)." (email). Jeff's an accomplished poet himself (to put it mildly), as subscribers to the British Poets mailing list will know.
New Hope International Review "Dylan Harris impresses with NEW YEAR'S EVES, a brief but razor-sharp depiction of a pub" (Will Daunt's review of Borderlines 33).
Peter Howard "Some interesting stuff here" (link). Mostly Harmless?
Karlheinz Stockhausen "Your text is important and true", on a postcard (which pratfeatures here has lost), referring to my poems Hymnen, inspired by and named after his electronic masterpiece.
Software: a fine art Hey, I've been quoted!
In the Beeb OS 1.2 ROM (C) 1981 Acorn Computers Ltd.Thanks are due to the following contributors to the development of the BBC Computer (among others too numerous to mention):- David Allen,Bob Austin,Ram Banerjee,Paul Bond,Allen Boothroyd,Cambridge,Cleartone,John Coll,John Cox,Andy Cripps,Chris Curry,6502 designers,Jeremy Dion,Tim Dobson,Joe Dunn,Paul Farrell,Ferranti,Steve Furber,Jon Gibbons,Andrew Gordon,Lawrence Hardwick,Dylan Harris,Hermann Hauser,Hitachi,Andy Hopper,ICL,Martin Jackson,Brian Jones,Chris Jordan,David King,David Kitson,Paul Kriwaczek,Computer Laboratory,Peter Miller,Arthur Norman,Glyn Phillips,Mike Prees,John Radcliffe,Wilberforce Road,Peter Robinson,Richard Russell,Kim Spence-Jones,Graham Tebby,Jon Thackray,Chris Turner,Adrian Warner,Roger Wilson,Alan Wright.
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