Poetry Reviews

Here are some personal opinions. I am not an expert reviewer. I am ignorant of sophisticated theory. I'm merely a practitioner interested in other people's work.

I'll review something because it strikes me. I like challenging poetry. Sometimes it'll be in new ways, sometimes it'll be in old ways done well, sometimes something will just work.

DaDaDa A romp from Catherine Daly.
The Rictus Flag A challenging but highly rewarding chapbook from Keston Sutherland.
Natural Causes The keystone poem of this, André Mangeot's first collection, has stayed with me since I first read it six months ago.
Poem On A Train This chapbook from Jordan Davis is a good little book to give to someone to attract them to alternative form.
Anatman, Pumpkin Seed, Algorithm Loss Pequeño Glazier's first collection: excellent.
Last Chap Jonathan Penton's first collection is homely, chatty and most enjoyable.
Psychic Death Theatre David J. Searle: erm, the title is most apt!

2K4 Poetry Summit A stretching poetry conference.
The 13th CCCP The Cambridge Conference of Contemporary Poetry, 2K3. I'll be there next year.
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This Itch

Last Chap
Psychic Death Theatre
Acrylic Tips
The Rictus Flag
Natural Causes
Poem On A Train
Anatman, Pumpkin Seed, Algorithm

2K4 Poetry Summit
The 13th CCCP

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