the clarion ::
lord pisswater's clarion

the extreme rapist
a Russian madman
killed sixty

the extreme serial killer
general practitioner
murdered three hundred fifty

the extreme racist
five hundred people dead
for each one
Dr. Harold Shipman

that's all the souls you love
everyone you've ever met

think their faces now
people you chat
every glanced stranger

all of them
skin awful white bloodlessness
life ripped

that dread vision is where the racist goes
when some big history incites blind
dare not civilise difference terror
deny sane life to others betters

Serbian Herzegovina
Hutu Burundi
De Montford's England

the monkeys fear the strangers
human courage the fear control

so how can you not detest
lord pisswater's clarion
for reciting that howling bigotry
at fallen down outsiders

and how can you respect a nationalist
who denies like fog his murder in belief
the murder that's often seen
when his howling fuckalikes
steal the power of state

Young Turks

lord pisswater's grandfather
sucked the cock of hitler
but why does this modern fool
suck the cock of hitler's corpse

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