These poems have a fixed number of lines per stanza.

two christmas card poem discard 6 Fenland Sketches 1 image: published Namings Norfolk still biting

three & beer & China Poemimage: uses powerful language easter sunday garden ghost image: set green A Horrible Day Namings America Old Funeral Music old man Keats The Pub Quiz League image: published remembering the dasimage: uses powerful language shrinesimage: published the three monks this 'bright' life upset

four Accelerating is Language English and then there's the mediocre mouths cathedral level court court Chopin And The Chilli Warsimage: published create new killer our fear my father was a ufo Namings Keighly Sandy oh dear what a pity there there Poetry Copyleft Reply scratby server roomimage: set To Letimage: set Too Fast To Stopimage: published The Trumpet Blownimage: published uncivil law criminal when the trains first came

five england corruptedimage: uses powerful language glistimage: published ici, pour les enfantsimage: publishedset

image: poetry


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rhyme rhythm

image: published published
image: set set
image: uses raw english euphemism free
image: translation translation

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