Different Horizons

Images with different horizons are not uncommon. Just watch the telly; they became a cliché in art programme interviews a few years back. They could still be so---I don't know---I threw my TV out.

When taking these photographs, I kept two things in mind.

Barnwell, 3 of 4

Lines are important in all landscapes. Lines in sympathy with the non-horizontal frames are useful. See the alignment in the course of the road. Note the fence and the wall intersect the frame on thirds; the alignment of church tower's right-hand side and the foreground tree's left branch.

Barnwell, 1 of 4

When taking a different horizon photograph, your sense of balance will make the angle innately obvious. However, when you show it, that awareness will not be there---viewers' heads will be level. You must ignore that sense and imagine the photograph as it will be seen, with the bottom of the camera frame horizontal.


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Different Horizons

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