Game Reviews

I sometimes play computer games. I am not a professional player. I play to enjoy. I play to keep out of the pub.

These reviews are an occasional player's opinions. None are influenced by advertising, a wage packet, or the need to sell a magazine.

I usually play first person single player games; I will occasionally try something from another pigeon-hole. However, I dislike third person games: I find boils on the end of my nose distracting; I find narcissus dolls distracting.

Crysis A brilliant first half, a dire final third.
Call of Duty 2 Elementary design errors.
Quake 4 Disapppointing.
Half Life 2 It is that good.
Western Desperado Too short, inconsistent.
Prisoner Of War Not my cup of tea.
Doom 3 A work of art, apart from the game!
X2 No imagination.
Far Cry Excellent game with tedious defects.
Deus Ex Deux Atmospheric thinking game.
Breakthrough Utter dismal awfulness.
Call of Duty A wonderful bastard of a game.
Codename: Outbreak A bargain bin bargain.
Halo Pornography.
Return To Castle Wolfenstein Dated, but enjoyable.
XIII As soon as that save bug is fixed…

Usually, computer games are as empty as films. Dull, formulaic plots, reflecting nothing more the desire to make a financial return on an investment. However, unlike films, games are a new art form; a number of techniques have yet been discovered; games are an art form with potential.

Currently, computer games are rarely more than simplistic, empty-headed fun. Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong in that. Films can seem good when your brain has been boiled by flu. There's always a need for entertainment for the cebero-absent, soma for deadheads. But I do so desperately hope games will grow beyond that.

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