Listen to someone speak. Listen to their said. Listen to sound. Listen to inflection, expression. Listen to colour, rhythm, pitch. Hear context, semantics, the meaning. Hear information, expression: hear the words.

So you’d expect word processors to process this; the sounds, the semantics, the inflection. None do. No word processor processes words. Tell me otherwise, tell me which regards how sound aligns. Tell me which rebound in rhythm. Those so–called word processors don’t process words, they process documents.

Document processor are fine, as such. What’s wrong is the misrepresentation, the implication of words; all of words, everything about words. They do not process words. They processes letters, symbols in rectangles, no more. These so–called word processors process words like old buggers bugger the old.

PoPro will be software that processes words. It will use written symbols, it will process those symbols’ sounds, patterns of sounds; it will process symantics, inflection and across; PoPro will be the world’s first word processor.

And here’s where it’s planted. Right now it’s in design.

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po pro

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