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Tuesday 17th August 08.55 Train for Baden 09.30 Brown Boveri (main entrance), Baden Lunch offered by firm. 14.00 approx By car to Boznau (by special invitation of the "Nordostach- weirzerische Kraftwerke A.-G.", Baden), Gas Turbine Power Station, and, if time, Hydroelectric plant and transformer station; 17.00 approx By car back to Baden, and by train to Zurich. Tea Wednesday 18th August 10.00 According to special programme: Federal Polytechnic High School. Lunch at Restaurant Tanne. 14.00 Federal Polytechnic High School. LIT Thursday 19th August 09.00 (leave hotel at 08.30, travel by tramway to Oerlikon) Werkzeugmaschinenfabrik Oerlikon Buhrle & Co. (main entrance). Lunch offered by the firm in its canteen. LIT 12.40 tramway to the railway station Zurich HB 13.23 train for Zug Landis & Gyr A.-G Zug. 14.02 meet representation of the firm at Zug Station. Five o'clock tea, offered by the firm in its canteen. Friday 20th August 08.16 train for Neuhausen Research Laboratories of the Aluminiumwerke Neuhausen A.-G. LIT 09.07 representation of the firm at the station of Neuhausen If time, visits of the Falls of the Rhine. Approx. 11.45 by tramway to Schaffhausen. Lunch to be organised. Hotel 12.16 train at Schaffhausen for Zurich 13.07 arrival at Zurich 14.30 Substation in Zurich - Didn’t go, too tired. - 2 -

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