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Saturday 21st August Free in Zurich Sunday 22nd August Depart 09.30 Zurich Arrive 10.28 Arth-Goldau Depart 10.52 (Mountain Railway) Arrive 11.38 Rigi Summit Depart 13.53 " Arrive 14.46 Arth-Goldau Depart 15.45 " Arrive 17.19 Goschenen Depart 17.45 " Arrive 18.00 Asdermatt 19.00 approx. Hotel Monte Prosa (Hospiz, St. Gotthard). Monday 23rd August 09.00 Meet a representative of the Motor-Columbus A.-G. and Atel at Hotel Monte Prosa. 09.30-11.00 Visit damn and storage lake Lucendro LIT 11.00-12.00 Travel by car from Hospiz to Airolo 13.00-14.00 Lunch at Airolo by Motor-Colombus A.-G. 14.00-16.00 Visit of central station and transformer station 17.00 Travel by car Airolo - Gotthard Hospiz (Hotel Monte Prosa). Tuesday 24th August 09.00 Gotthard Hospiz, dep. for Hospenthal - Furka - Grimsel. Take "packed" lunch. 14.00 Arrive at Grimsel Hospiz. Meet a representation of the Krafwerke Oberhasli A.-G. Visit of dam and storage lake Grimsel, by car: works in construction, travel to Innertkirchen. Visit of Underground Power Station and Transformer Station. By car to Meiringen Station. By railway to Giswil. 17.42 or 19.35 Meiringen dep. 18.28 or 20.03 Giswil arr. (stay at Hotel Krone) - 3 -

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