You dange in life: when this I stark, you stet.
If dad you’d die, I’d saunt; but hurt mum get.
You sneer my am. The proud Dad joust you won’t;
by theorem live at black you do, and don’t
concede in ooze and grey I life believe.
Sad simpling. I rattéd jump long eve
ago; to enge I learned. You neighbour bad,
too ego proud, so sure, the acme prat.
But sod; for mum I could not lie your death.
A God of hacking times, electric breath
in life, I am. Your glimpse, I snatch; your fade,
I steal; my viral valkyrie invade,
corrupting, swanning back. You’ll only know
on die; in wetware crack, I’ll you regrow.

The Regrow sequence was published in Envoi in early 2003. An earlier version of this poem was published in the first September 2001 edition of the Cambridge Poets Newsletter, under the title “…regrow…”.

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